The Northwest Five Consortium Data Management & Curation Workshop will be held June 18th and 19th on the campus of Reed College in Portland, OR. This page has resources for finding lodging and getting to Portland for the workshop, as well as logistical information on how participants can get reimbursed for the their travel and lodging expenses.

Getting to Portland

Driving will be the best way to for out-of-town participants to get to Portland for the workshop. Mileage for transportation from outside of Portland will be reimbursed at Reed College’s mileage reimbursement rate of $0.56/mile.

Three parking lots are available on Reed’s campus. Public transportation from points around Portland is also available. The 19, 10, and 75 buses are the closest public transportation options for getting to campus. See TriMet’s website for more information.

Reed College is located in southeast Portland’s Eastmoreland neighborhood, five miles from the city center and 12 miles from Portland International Airport. Portland streets are divided east and west by the Willamette River, and north and south by Burnside Street. Central southwest city blocks are referred to as the downtown area.

We encourage workshop participants to car pool with their fellow team members as much as possible.

Lodging in Portland

You are free to arrange whatever lodging you would like. We are able to reimburse out-of-town workshop participants for 2 nights of their lodging at a rate of $150/person per night. Several hotels and other accommodations offer Reed discounts, please check the Reed Accommodations list for more details. In order to receive the discounted rates, reservations must be made directly with the hotels — at the phone numbers or internet addresses listed on the provided web page — rather than through travel vendors, services, agencies, or Reed affiliates.

Reimbursement for Expenses

Expenses that can be reimbursed for those participants traveling to Portland: meals while traveling to and from Portland (up to $50/person total); mileage traveling to and from Portland (@ $0.56/mile); two nights of lodging in Portland (up to $150/person per night). Save your receipts!

Stay tuned for further information on the reimbursement process!

More Questions?

If you have any questions about your participation in the workshop, or the logistics of any aspect of the workshop, please contact Ryan Clement.